Trion City Schools believes that the safety and security of our students and staff must be our highest priority. Students who feel safe will be much more equipped to excel in their academic endeavors. The following information is provided to assist in keeping parents, guardians, and community members informed about school safety and how they can assist during an emergency situation.

How Does TCS Prepare for an Emergency?

Multiple times throughout every school year, Trion City Schools performs drills to prepare for various types of emergencies.  Currently, the state mandates that schools conduct a series of emergency drills each year. These drills include: Severe Weather Drills, Lockdown Drills, and Fire Drills.

Lockdown Drills - Tests the alert systems and ensures students and staff appropriately react to a physical threat on campus.

Fire Drills - Tests the alert systems and ensures students and staff appropriately react to a physical threat on campus.

Severe Weather Watch/Warning - Tests the alert systems and ensures students and staff knows how to shelter in place and remain clear of doors and windows due to impending severe weather.

Training for Emergency Situations

Trion City Schools believes that training is a vital part of preparing for a crisis. In an emergency situation, time is of the essence and staff must react quickly and efficiently. Regular training of what to do during an emergency will help staff know how to respond to protect against injury or death.

Trion City Schools provides opportunities for staff training in the following areas:

- Lockdown drills for weather-related emergencies
- Lockdown drills for threats inside or outside the building
- Fire Drills
- Active Shooter Training in partnership with Trion City Police Department
- Stop the Bleed

Community Involvement

An important part of emergency preparedness includes developing work relationships with community agencies that provide first response to incidents. These agencies work with our district to provide training for staff, input on procedures and processes through participation on our safety teams, debriefing on incidents that happen within schools, and support during events on situations when needed. We work closely with the following partners:

- Trion City Police Department
- Chattooga County Sheriff's Department
- Chattooga County EMS
- Trion City Fire Department
- City of Trion
- 911

See Something, Say Something.

Trion City Schools believes that one of the best defenses to any critical situation is quick response. For that reason, it is critical that all students, staff, and community members be alert to any potential threat. We ask that you report any suspicious or concerning situations directly to the school district so that appropriate investigations and actions may occur. If you See Something, Say Something. Report any concerns directly to a Teacher, Administrator, or the School Resource Officer.

Best Way to Get Information

If a crisis occurs at your child's school, be assured that the school will be in touch with you as soon as it is safe to do so.

Important updates and directions will also be shared at one or all of the following:

- The district website (www.trionschools.org)
- The district’s social media channels (Facebook and Twitter - @trioncityschool)
- The local radio and television stations that provide news alerts

What Should Parents Know Before a School Emergency Happens?

The most important step that parents can take in helping schools respond in an emergency is to ensure that the student's emergency contact information is updated and correct. Parents should contact their child's school office to update information if they move or obtain a new phone number. 

Trion City Schools has a parent notification system, OneCallNow, that is used during inclement weather and in the event of a crisis. Parents and guardians can be notified by text, email or phone call. Parents should ensure that they have selected their preferred communication method and have accurate contact information on file. 

What Should Parents Do In the Event of a Crisis at their Child’s School?

Don’t call the school

Should a crisis happen at your child’s school, please do not call the school. During an emergency, schools need open phone lines to be able to contact first responders. Tying up phone lines may hamper the ability for school officials to communicate as needed.

Don’t go to the school

Do not go to the school. Parents and guardians who rush to the school may impede traffic and hinder emergency response vehicles from quickly getting to the scene. Also, during a crisis, police will not allow anyone on the school grounds until the situation has been resolved. You could put your own life in danger.

Wait for Communication from the School/District

Be assured that school officials will contact parents with information and directions as soon as possible. Our first priority is to ensure the safety of all students and staff. We will communicate vital information to you as soon as it is available.