Trion City School's Travel Policies & Documentation

Travel Procedures

TRAVEL PROCEDURES Procedures for Professional Learning

Complete Professional Learning Request and Prior Approval Form along with any required registration forms:

  1. Submit form to Supervisor
  2. Supervisor submits form to Director of Professional Learning
  3. Professional Learning Director either:
    1. Approves and enters Account and Substitute Codes
    2. Completes requisition for funding




  1. Rejects and provides reasoning behind decision
  2. Request form is returned to Supervisor who informs applicant of decision
  3. Form is then filed at the school


After Professional Learning is completed:

  1. Attendee completes Trion City Schools Travel Expense Statement and sends it directly to Director of Professional Learning with an attached agenda
  2. Director of Professional Leaning will code travel request and submit to Superintendent for approval
  3. Signed approval will then be submitted to Financial Director for payment

Any request that does not contain proper signatures will not be paid with system funds.

Travel Forms